Novel finished – time for poems to emerge

Now that I’ve completed writing 50k words and before editing begins, poems squashed up inside me want to come out. There’s a special tree in the back garden, four actually, that inspired this:

Exquisite beauty down by the lily pond in the neighbour’s place in Katikati, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. I want to dance with her, stroke her and write of her charms.


This isn’t the tree of the poem – I find I haven’t got a photo of it yet, but this will do.





Cherry Blossom 

She entices me,

a vision of purity and innocence yet

seductive like a whore with the spiciness of her perfume.

Slowly I inhale it, deeply satisfying

some unknown inner need.


Arms held out are covered

with white frothy frills

worthy of a wearable arts frock

made of toilet paper and

her frilled skirts bounce flirtatiously

as she moves in the breeze.


I sit beneath her picnicking there

just to be near her

listening to the drone of bees

sampling her delights

at the start of the honey flow.


Like a bride I sit, being showered

with lustrous petals, lost in wonder

and toying with whole blossom clusters

broken off by a careless tui

in search of nectar.


I float the broken beauties in a bowl

but they are dead


September 20, 2012







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