Retired teacher, business woman, horticulturist, food processor. Currently a traveller, house sitting round New Zealand while waiting for my place to sell. Wondering which beautiful area to settle in. I do like it here in Upper Hutt near Wellington. Great friends here.

I write – short stories for children, poetry, my first novel and I want to get published. That’s my project for the coming  year. I utilise my house sitting experiences to create. Pets make great characters. Places have wonderful ambience to paint. Yes, I paint too, in acrylics because it’s easier that way travelling. My subject matter is usually nature. My style is becoming less realistic, more interpretative of light and form. Although I’ve just done three polar bear paintings for my grandchildren. Before they become extinct, they said.

I delight in finding the spiritual essence of things, whether it’s the goodness in people, the energy of the land or the Light in all. I think the change we’re experiencing will be a change in consciousness as we come out of the dark Kali Yuga age. I feel close to God always. I’ve developed a lot of faith and trust that the universe will look after me, for my highest good.

I look forward to meeting people through blogging because they are examples of the marvellous beings we humans are. Hullo to you!




One thought on “About

  1. Hi, Kinsa

    This is Tom Briggs from the US, George Briggs’ son. Please contact us at tgbriggs@cox.net and I can bring you up to date on latest news (Barbara Pitcher’s passing and Dad moving to Arizona to be near our family). Also, myself, Margareta and our son Steven are traveling to New Zealand in September, 2015. We would like to meet if possible.

    Best regards,



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