Wide open spaces

Celebration time! I’ve sold my house by the beach that I’ve owned for 25 years. Now I have the wide open space of the rest of my life to decide what to do with. I have no idea where to live or how to create a supplementary income. What is my soul’s deepest desire? I … More Wide open spaces

Starting Again

It’s been a while, dear blog. Since my last entry I’ve written a fiction story of 100,00 words, a first draft, to be read and critiqued by many so I can improve it. Then I’ll ask more Beta readers to  test it again. I’ve prepared my children’s chapter book for ages 7-10, written a covering note, found … More Starting Again

House sitting in Wanganui, the gracious lady of New Zealand

My grandparents emigrated from England to Wanganui in 1904. At that time it was the cultural capital of New Zealand and they were cultured people. My grandmother was known as Madame Emily Briggs, She taught pianoforte, voice production and mandolin to the daughters and wives of wealthy farmers in the rich countryside around Wanganui. Getting … More House sitting in Wanganui, the gracious lady of New Zealand

travel theme foliage

I travel and house sit, seeing new places and providing a service at the same time, living in beautiful homes for free but keeping them tidy, pull a few weeds and look after animals while the owners are away. I wrote a book last month! 50k word fiction. Now poems are popping out of me … More travel theme foliage